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Here you'll find all of my commission info. Have a look around!

/!\ Trigger warning : there is gore on this website, specifically at the very end of the "pixel art" section

Digital artwork

Headshot / Bust

SketchLineartFlat colorsCell-shadedComplex shading


SketchLineartFlat colorsCell-shadedComplex shading


Adds up to $5-20 to the original price depending on complexity (for headshots/busts/fullbodies)

Cheeb - $7

Small (300x300pxl) fully shaded drawing of your character

Pagedoll - $5

Small (300x300pxl) drawing of your character with minimal shading and white outlines

Wiggly Icon - $10

150x150 icon with wiggly lines and a blinking animation, with no or minimal shading

"intensifies" icon - $10

150x150 fully shaded icon with a fast shaking animation, static version will be given as well

Pixel artwork

Click on the pictures to see them properly!

Large pixels

Flat colorsShadedAnimation

150x150 pixels

Flat colorsShadedAnimation

Pixel bones - $10-15 depending on complexity

⚠️ Gore warning! ⚠️

Trigger warning for blood, guts, bones, severed limbs/heads, eyes, etc.

Pastel/Candy gore pixels - $15

Design commissions


You will be given one or several rough design ideas, and once all the elements are okay with you (shapes, markings, details, etc.) you will get a fully drawn version of your new design
Here's an optional form you can send me, if you'd like :

• Species:
• Color palette:
• Theme/inspiration:
• Markings:
• Accessories:
• Things you absolutely do not want:
• Other:


⭐Rigel ★ they/he ★ 25 ★ Artist ★ French ⭐

Hello and welcome!
I mainly draw feral, monster and anthro characters, I participate a lot in ARPGs such as Kebanzu so that's probably what you'll see the most amongst my art! I enjoy art challenges and I like drawing a wide variety of designs; have a look around, thank you for checking my website!

Terms of service


• I do not do refunds unless you've been waiting for more than two months after payment has been sent, in which case you are allowed to request a refund regardless of the step your commission is at. The art will still be completed even when a refund has been made.• I always send at least one sketch before completion, when I do please don't hesitate to point out whatever you'd like edited, I can also do a whole new sketch if you're not happy with it. Once the sketch is approved, I will not make further major edits.• Payment is required upfront via Paypal, you will be sent an invoice before I start working on your commission, prices are listed in USD.• You may upload the finished commission to your gallery, but credits are required.• You may use the finished product as icon, profile picture, banner, header, etc. as long as credits are properly given.• You are allowed to use the art you commissioned to make prints, badges, clothes designs etc. for yourself/personal use only. Only make those for yourself to use, I don't allow my art to be resold in the form of physical items.• You may not use your commission for commercial use (i.e do not sell the artwork itself)

✔️ Will draw❌ Won't draw
Animals, feral creaturesOffensive, hateful content
Anthro charactersHumans, humanoid characters
Gore & horrorCertain kinks/fetishes
NSFW & nudity (anthro only)Characters consuming drugs

→ NSFW commissions are available but the specifics will only be given upon request and are not viewable on this website to ensure no minor stumbles upon them

Adopts & custom designs

When buying:
- Payment must be sent within 48 hours, if you fail to pay without any explanation, the design will be back up for sale.
- No backing out without warning. If you tell me beforehand, it's no problem!
- Payments are only through Paypal, I will either send you a Paypal.me link or you will be sent an invoice
- Payment plans are accepted for payments over 200$. (can be discussed!)
When reselling/trading:
You are free to sell or trade your design as you wish.
You may:
- Edit the design as much as you want
- Use your character for anything you want (drawings, literature, RPs, comics, etc.)
- Edit my art/the design I drew (changing hue, adding accessories, removing things, etc.). You are free to edit anything on my art as long as you credit me for the original.
- Re-upload my art (of the design) as long as credits are given.
- Use your character you own to create products you're planning to sell. You may use them in a comic you’re planning to sell copies of as well.
- Use my work as inspiration as long as you're not outright stealing or copy-pasting elements from my art/designs
You may NOT:
- Steal my art or my designs
- Use my artwork for commercial use (i.e. you cannot sell the artwork I did itself. But you can sell products YOU made with the character you bought.)